Digital radiography dental X-rays have helped many dental practices go from manual to computerized technology for superior X-ray results. With conventional film imaging, human error, lighting conditions, timing, film storage, and other factors could all compromise the final pictures. With digital imaging, there is a much smaller window for error and the pictures show much finer detail. With such exact X-rays, we are able to spot tooth and gum problems that may have been overlooked with conventional imaging. Digital pictures are analyzed with the help of sophisticated software for a thorough evaluation and precise diagnosis.

Digital imaging also allows the patient to instantaneously view photos of his or her mouth while still in the chair. The images appear on our computer in a high-resolution picture. Another advantage of digital X-rays is the ease of storage and ability to pull up patient photos in seconds.

Increased patient safety is also an added benefit of going digital. Patients are exposed to far less X-ray radiation than with conventional imaging.